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Tristan: why is it so good with u? Liz: because you’re an orphan, orphans love girls like me because, its like mommy and daddy are both in the room loving u to pieces! *Liz holds a cigarette in her mouth and goes to light it, Tristan takes the lighter from her and lights it for her then tosses the lighter on the table* Liz: oh i got u something! *takes some books from the other table and hands them to Tristan* just to get u started, the bases, Bronte and Wilde, oh you’re gonna love Wilde! Tristan:*touched*  wow thanks Liz! i don’t think I’ve read anything in years that didn’t have the month and a picture of Jennifer Aniston or Kim K. on the cover. Liz: *chuckles* i never did any real reading till i moved out here, part of it was all the free time at the desk,  but i also think u can’t shut down one part of yourself without shutting down the whole thing and when i let the Liz out i could see and feel and taste and love! Tristan: *gazing at Liz* do u love me? *Liz turns and smiles at him*  Liz: oh, i don’t know,  i think so,*shrugs one shoulder* but god dammit who can tell when you’re so damn handsome? *Tristan takes the cigarette* Tristan: i think i love u! *Liz looks at him* Liz: *sternly* don’t tease me! Tristan:*sincerely* i’m serious, when i come down to the lobby and see u its like you’re genuinely happy to see me, i believe u!  * smiling sweetly, Liz lays down and rests her head in Tristan’s lap,  placing one hand on his shoulder and wrapping the other around his leg and rubs his leg* Liz: *warmly* when u come down its like, its like its Christmas morning for me! Tristan: *resting his hand on Liz's waist*  i mean no ones ever felt that way about me before, ever!   no ones even thought i was smart enough to give real books to! *Liz scoffs and shakes her head* and u want to know the weirdest part? when  we screw i swear, *chuckling*  I’ve never come harder in my life! *Liz laughs heartily*   Tristan: its so bizarre,  uh i’m not gay or anything! Liz: *firmly, but kindly*  you’re not gay for being with me, i’m a girl, i’m a hetero girl! *Tristan nods and they share a tender passionate kiss* Liz: *choking up* thank u for seeing the girl! *she quickly sits up and puts her hand over her lovely green eyes, weeping softly* Tristan:*sits up and starts rubbing her back, looking concerned* why are u crying? Liz:*tearfully* because i do love u and i know this doesn’t end well  and it shouldn’t! not after what I’ve done to The Countess!  she gave me everything, its wrong  what  we’re doing to her!  Tristan:*gently grabs Liz's shoulder and pulls her close ,wrapping his arm around her* hey how could love be wrong? *rests his arm on top of the head-broad* if she could just see us  together she’d understand! *with a watery smile, Liz rests her hand on his chest and gazes lovingly into his beautiful brown eyes*



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Tiffany Stewart
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i can't draw to save my life! Harley Quinn and Liz Taylor are my idles! all Twilight haters will be blocked cause i'm the biggest Twilight fan ever!

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