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Now for Chris and Billy’s death.

Carrie walked home, leaving a path of destruction, but she was weak and exhausted from over-use of her abilities. She suddenly spots a fimiliar, red car with black stripes on the hood. Billy Nolan’s car. She suddenly is blinded for a moment when the headlights turn on, revealing her in all of her horror. The blood had soaked into her white velvet gown (yes, I know in the book it was a red dress) staining it dark red, the white and black fur at the top where her breasts were now wet and sticky. Her heels were missing, along with her crosage. Her prom queen sash was torn and hanging by a thread or two, and her left sleeve, which was Juliet style, had it’s material ripped and stained, and strings of it were hanging down, and it’s button had popped off, and it had slid down to her elbow area. Two of her nails were cracked, and her necklace was missing. Her hair was flat but still wild, the curls now tangled, blonde, messy strands clinging to her shoulders, her tiara hanging off the side tangled in her hair. Billy asked Chris what to do with Carrie, and as a reply he was told to crush her. He slammed his foot on the gas pedal, and drove right at Carrie, which was a big mistake. She slightly twitched her wrist, and the car came to a hault in front of her. The car had been going nearly 100MPH, and the sudden hault split the front of the car open, wires, tubes, mechanical parts, were hanging out of the bottom, the bumper was twisted into the vehicle’s interior, which impalled Chris, and black smoke swirled around the car, and it suddenly was thrown telekinetically into the gas station nearby. It crashed into the neon sign, sparks to fly everywhere. Carrie telekinetically split open the gasoline tanks, flooding the street and parking lot with gasoline. Billy was dead, blood pouring and gushing from his shattered nose (literally, it had been pushed inside his face with the tip cut off) and pieces of the glass windshield were stabbed into his torso. Chris screamed in pain as she saw blood gushing from where she had been impalled, when she smelled smoke. Carrie used her powers to bring down a telephone pole into the gasoline, setting fire to the goopy liquid. The fire spread down the stream toward’s the gas station, and suddenly, the station exploded, killing Chris immediately. Carrie strutted away, horrifying embarassment and blinding rage burning in her tearry eyes.

I have come up with my own version of the prom massacre scene, reply with your thoughts on it.

After the blood has been dumped and the laughing has started, Carrie stands up from her blood-soaked throne and stares out at the crowd, tears rolling down her bloodied cheeks. Miss Desjarden and Helen rush on stage and Helen runs to Tommy’s unconscious body (one of the two buckets had fallen on his head) while Rita Desjarden tries to help Carrie. Suddenly, the gymnasium gets colder, and everyone has chills sent down their spines, seazing the laughter. Carrie seems to loose consciousness, and she blankly stares out at the room, her arms raised, making a large T. Hanging decorations swirl about as their blown by an unnoticed telekinetic force, and one of the spotlights malfuctions, sending purple sparks down to the stage. The doors slam shut, and lock, with a loud click, all at once. One of the doors slams shut on Frieda who had walked half-way through the doorframe, when the metal doors shut on her, severing her into half. Another door closes on Denny’s hand, severing his index finger, and he wails in pain. This causes a panic near the rear of the crowd, while the front are still bewitched by the telekinetic winds. With a flash of light, the lights seem to shut off for a moment, then come back on, tinted red. Like an invisible person had picked them up, knives, scissors, pencials, and pens hovered from their tables and shelves, and seemed to aim mid-air at the shocked crowd; at the same time, Carrie hovers above the bloody stage, and begins to breathe heavily. Carrie plummets back down to the stage, landing crouched down, and this sends the aimed objects flying at the teenaged boys and girls, while also sending a shockwave with hurtles tables and chairs, which also shatters Heather’s glasses, and this blinds her when the glass shards fly back into her eyes, and she screams in agnoy and anguish when a few of the knives and scissors stab into her arched back, and she drops, dead. A string of dim lights snaps out of place and flings through the crowd at a high speed, cutting through limbs and torsos and necks, killing most of the people right there and then. A panicked Nicki is banging on the gym doors when the string of lights flies through the back of her neck, severing her lower jaw from her upper jaw, and she also drops, dead. At the same time, Miss Desjarden is hurtled from the stage and thrown the length of the gym into the floor, giving her an intense nose bleed and breaking her left leg. The floor is littered with ripped decorations, popped balloons, glass shards, sauces and drinks, blood, severed limbs, wires, broken furniture, and corpses in pairs, singles, or massive piles. Groaning and moaning comes from the half-dead bodies, and a few get up, and begin running to the doors. A stage light collapses to the stage, breaking the glass bulb and revealing the wires, with starts a minor fire. The running people’s shoes stab into people’s backs and hips, breaking bones, causing arteries to implode, and of course, heavy bleeding. The fire alarms set off, panicking even more people. Prinicpal Morton got up and ran to the stage and gripped the microphone and began yelling instructions at the confused survivors, when bolts of electrical energy fly through his body and he is electrocuted, and he falls to the stage, next to the shattered spotlight, and like snakes the wires wrap around his corpse and squeeze like boas, setting his blue tuxedo ablaze. The backdrop catches fire, and the sprinkler system turns on, immediately electrocuting two of the singers in the main band, along with their gutairist. Chaperones and guests slip and slide in the puddles of water, falling and screaming. Tina, Norma, Helen, and Vic, the prom’s announcer, form a small group, and while Norma stays to tend to Miss Desjarden’s broken nose and leg, the rest run to pick up Tommy’s unconscious body to save him from the hellish inferno. Helen looks at Carrie, gets up, and tries to tell her to evacuate from the stage otherwise the flames will consume her in seconds, when a rope with a hook on it’s end used for moving props swings down, and right into Helen’s right collar-bone, and she swings on the rope until it slows and stops, where she would slide further down the hook, slicing open her neck and face. Daniel, a friend of Tommy’s attempts to succeed in helping Carrie, but he fails the task like Helen, and a girder covered in 220 cables and dangerous equipment lands on him, where the cables and equipment hits the puddles of water, and he is consumed in the flames, pinned to the stage floor, where his corpse is then telekinetically thrown to the side like trash. Carrie seazes the sprinkler systems, and then watches with a devilish grin as Rhodna’s dress nears the sparking cables and shattered spotlights and sets ablaze, and she dances like a crazed puppet when she’s electrocuted, and she falls to the floor, still violently shaking. Josie runs for one of the fire exits when he’s pinned to the wall by telekinetic force, and then, is killed when a basketball rafter above breaks out of place, and swings down, crushing his lower spine and stomach. He choked on blood, his screaming transforming into gurgling, and his life is drained out of him. He is soon on fire as the cyclone of flames whirls around the room in minutes, due to the flammable table-cloths, ribbons, streamers, strings of lights, hanging stars, and paper hearts taped to the painted brick wall. Tina drops to her knees, wetting her now stained, greasy, torn purple gown with a golden bow on the back in the puddles of water, and began to pleed. Her dirty blonde hair was wet and wild, with long streaks of various liquids staining her golden curls brown. Carrie noticed tears rolling down Tina’s face while a near-unconscious Desjarden lays in Norma’s lap, trying to keep her strength. Vic was banging on one of the fire doors. When Carrie saw Desjarden in that state, a sudden wave of sympathy and kindness filled her, and she now knew she had to let her caring coach survive, and with that, she telekinetically opens an air vent above a buffet table, and Norma looks gratefully at Carrie and whispers, “Thank you,” before getting up and helping Desjarden into the vent. Norma climbed in, Vic, Tina, one of the Chaperones, and two students following her and Desjarden. The others were history. Carrie returns to her murderous trance, and looks at the scoreboard now leaning towards the water, cables hanging from it, dangling inches, no, centimeters above the water puddles. With a moment of concentrated thought, Carrie telekinetically brings down the scoreboard, which hits the water. A bright flash of light occurs, and everyone screams at once, then it’s silent, as they drop to the floor, their life drained out of their poor bodies. Lifeless beings dropped and landed in piles, and after a minute or two, the electrical signals travelling through the water faded and stopped, allowing Carrie to freely walk through the burning gym, and she leaves through the main exit, which closes behind her again, and a few survivors inside still run and bang on the glass windows, their hands leaving bloody handprints, their cries and screams soon drained out by the noise, and are completely stopped when their life is crushed when the school explodes. Only 7 - 8 made it out, leaving over 100 to die in the inferno.

       Okay, too lazy to sign in, but I’m the original writer of this comment! :3 And about her mother, she would trick Carrie into praying with her. And when Carrie hugs her mother slowly slides a kitchen knife into poor Carrie’s shoulder. Carrie uses her telekinesis and flings Margreat White, her mother, into the wall, and Carrie tries to run down the stairs. Margreat grabs Carrie’s ankle, tripping Carrie. Carrie tumbles down the stairs, Margreat clumsily tumbling behind her. As Margreat pins Carrie to the floor and tries to slit her daughter’s throat, Carrie’s telekinesis takes over, and Carrie sends Margreat into the punishment closet door while crushing her heart. Carrie stops, letting her telekinesis fade into her mind again. Margreat suddenly looks up, coughs out blood, and says, “I’m so sorry…” Before losing consciousness from blood-loss. Carrie manages to evacuate the house as she brings it down to the ground. It crumbles as Carrie stumbles into the streets, looking around at the destruction she’s caused, ambulance, fire trucks blaring at a distance. The city sirens wailing. Powerlines dropping all around her like twigs. When suddenly, just as everything starts to become a blur, a bright light fills up Carrie’s field of view, and turns off. Sue parked in front of Carrie in the gasoline and glass-filled road, getting out, and sitting beside her, comforting her. Carrie is mumbling that she’s sorry and just wants to see her mother, ect. Sue hugs Carrie, noticing the knife in her shoulder. She suddenly pulled the knife out of Carrie’s shoulder, and stood up, frantically calling for help. Sue gives up after five minutes, sitting in a pool of blood, comforting and hugging Carrie, both crying. But as the sky turns into a dark blue of dawn, Carrie’s eyes shut for good. Carrie slowly sliding onto her side… Never to wake again. Sue crying even more. A year later, the night is known as the Black Prom. A dark name for a dark night in which 407 died as Chamberlain fell into ruin and disaster. Sue lays on a hospital bed, holding her newly-born child. A few more years ahead, and Sue’s daughter somehow makes breakfast while sitting in her chair, the silverware and such floating in front of her, the milk and cereal pouring themselves into the bowl. Sue is stupified from this. Skip yet again more years ahead… And we see Sue’s daughter aged 18, at her own prom, smiling and waving, holding a bundle of white and blue roses while she wears a white prom dress and tiara in front of the whole senior year.
       16 days ago by A Wikia contributor

       Miss Desjardin and Sue attend the funeral service, along with the still surviving parents of the children massacred at the prom. The few senior years that survived standing there in guilt and sorrow, before leaving Chamberlain behind. Miss Desjardin packs her things and gets into her car, sighing as she drives out of Chamberlain for good. Sue packing her belongings before moving to Florida with her new baby girl. Vic, Tina, and Norma all drive off to LA for college. The parents all stayed in Chamberlain until their final days. And soon, Chamberlain, Maine, was no longer populated at all. Just the remains of an emotionally shattered down sitting their, rusting and creaking like a shut down amusement park. Just gone… A reminder of that ghastly massacre…

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